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Caltrate Plus

For strong and flexible bones


Contains calcium plus collagen-supporting minerals to help your bones stay strong and flexible.

Each Caltrate Plus tablet contains:

  • 600 mg Elemental calcium
  • 500 IU Vitamin D
  • 40 mg Magnesium
  • 7,5 mg Zinc
  • 0,5 mg Copper
  • 1,8 mg Manganese

Available in 30's, 60's and 90's

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What is the benefit of the additional minerals in Caltrate Plus?

Healthy bones are made up of 2/3 calcium and 1/3 collagen. The additional minerals support collagen formation for flexibility.

Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function. Zinc plays a role in helping our bodies form optimal bone structure for bone strength. Copper & manganese help certain body enzymes and regulators function properly to form the structure for bone strength. Vitamin D is involved in calcium metabolism.

the power of strong, healthy, bones